Cardinal Cain Bulstrode (lord_ratspeaker) wrote in walpurgatory,
Cardinal Cain Bulstrode

Owl to Lady Malfoy

Dear Lady Malfoy,

It was greatly pleasing to see you at Mass both this Sunday and that previously. My brothers are in good health, as are their families, although young Catherine was taken Ill with a headcold, which proved thankfully passing. Your future husband looks strong in health as he ever did- the Wiltshire air is not perhaps as bracing as that of Cornwall, but 'tis certainly of better hale than that of London. On that matter, we are most delighted at his return from the apostate clan of his Cornish brethren. I hope that his return to the Faith will be kept strong by you and your dear friends; I will, of course, be following your marriage closely, for, though you may be joined in haste, it speaks not of youthful passion but of a deeper, abiding Love.

Less, however, of my sermonising- there are, of course, more important matters to speak of. Perhaps if the two of you would care to join me to dine one evening, at your own convenience, of course, we might talk of marriage, and other matters. As for Abaddon's baptism- a Confirmation of his Faith would be sufficient, and could be taken at any service before the Wedding.

Yours in Good Faith,

With all due apologies for the lateness of my tidings,

Cardinal Bulstrode
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