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It is 1748. The Age of Reason is upon the World.

Already, groups are forming to guard the rights and privileges of witches and wizards, dark groups, secret groups, who will stop at nothing to defend their way of life. These Knights of Walpurgis, as they call themselves, meet in secret, robed in black and masked in white. Some say they dabble in dark arts. Rumour has it that they are behind the Muggle-dominated Hellfire Club, who kidnap women for their deviant pleasures. The newly established Diagon Alley Aurors, under Edmund Lupin, the new Magistrate of Magical London, are determined to stop them.

Bloodgin is driving families to rack and ruin. The bloodgin palaces are meeting places for hags, whilst their forgotten children roam the streets in gangs. Hogwarts struggles to cope with the population boom, and a strong hierarchy of Purebloods over impoverished half-bloods and Muggle-borns is in place.

Minister Bones has been forced to dismiss his Closet- his inner circle of department heads- as the Wizengamot withholds funds from the Ministry against any of his so-called “Billywigs”, who defend the ridiculously privileged against any accountability. Instead, the liberal faction, insultingly known as Chizpurfles, have reinstated their favourites into the Ministry.

The threat of another Goblin Rebellion has been staved by the establishment of Gringott’s Wizarding Bank as the sole source of currency, ousting many of the minor banks. The stabilisation of the currency has helped to improve the economy, but the Galleon-standard is slipping and bank-notes are being introduced at an alarming rate, despite goblin attempts to rectify the situation.

The Under-Secretary to the Colonies struggles to implement a severe policy of taxation and trade protectionism against growing opposition from America. A Floo Act to protect the British Floo Powder industry is in the works, but it is only a matter of time before the colonies begin to protest in stronger terms.

This, then, is the situation into which Walpurgatory is launched.

A world of duels and intrigue, of coffee shops and bloodgin addiction, of Purebloods and poverty, and of pestilence and power. In short, a world which is dark, painful, yet filled with a promise of future glory.

Do you dare to be a part of it?


The OOC journal is at: purgatory_wall

Applications to gentleman_at_large@hotmail.com, or butchermacnair on AIM.